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Spa owners are friends, neighbors, and business partners

In the competitive beauty market where everyone claims to have the most innovative procedures and technologies, Laser Lounge Med Spa is set apart not by its fancy laser or its specialized skincare line or even by its pretty pedicures. Relationships are at the heart of its business, starting with co-owners and operators Kathi Mezger and Mary Bauer, who are also friends and next-door neighbors.

Laughing, they claim they never tire of each other. “When I have an appointment, I’m in a closed room,” Mary says. “We don’t have a lot of time together.”

Kathi agrees. “We talk more at home than we do at work.”

Kathi and Mary opened Laser Lounge Med Spa four years ago in an eighty-square-foot room in Salons of the Town. Today they have their own 1,100-square-foot clinic on Williams Drive. The secrets of their success? Hard work, great customer service, and devoted patrons.

“Most of my clients have been with me around ten years,” Kathi says. “They’re more like family.”

At the age of twenty, Kathi went to nail school on a whim. “One of my friends had decided to go, so I went with her,” she says. Before then, Kathi had no interest in nails. “I’d never had my nails done!”

With a degree in interior design, Mary’s route to esthetician and laser specialist was more personal. Although she has gorgeous skin today, as a teenager Mary suffered with cystic acne. After the birth of her first child, her acne flared up again. “I found an esthetician,” Mary says. “She helped me so much that I remember thinking, ‘I want to do this for other people.’”

Mary understands the esthetic process from both sides. “I know what it’s like to have acne so bad you want to wear a bag over your head. It’s mortifying.”

“Our clients trust us,” Kathi says. “Women come to us embarrassed about their skin or [body] hair problems. They come to us for help, and the embarrassment goes away.”

Mary and Kathi personally use all of the clinic’s products, trying them out on themselves before recommending them to clients. This includes laser hair removal, skincare lines, and permanent makeup. Kathi and Mary both have permanent eyeliner that they applied on each other.

Too often women associate the price of beauty with pain, but this is not a philosophy Kathi and Mary uphold. Laser Lounge Med Spa offers chemical peels, but Kathi and Mary prefer to use gentler alternatives. “We want to rebuild and repair the skin, not break it down,” Kathi says.

Mary admits that the painless facial is a new concept to many people. “They think if it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t work.”

“With a chemical peel, you’re not repairing the skin,” Kathi explains. “All you’re doing is peeling off the top layer. It will help, but it won’t give you long-lasting results. The damage is deep within.”

“The products we use go down into the dermis and repair cells,” Mary says. “They also build up collagen, which you need for more youthful skin.”

Current clients refer most of Kathi’s and Mary’s new clients, and the new clients are often shocked to discover that they won’t see a stranger on their next appointment. “When that person comes in, they’re our client, mine or Mary’s,” Kathi says. “We keep it that way so we always know what’s going on with that person.”

Laser Lounge Med Spa provides individualized service that’s missing from similar businesses. What accounts for the difference?

Mary laughs. “It’s just us there and we own it. We’re like the old ‘mom and pop’ stores.”


By Emily Treadway
Photos by Rudy Ximenez